Game of Thrones NFT collection sold out in 7 hours

The official NFT collection on the popular fantasy universe “Game of Thrones” was sold out in just 7 hours. At the same time, users of the social network Twitter laugh at the images.

Many users have compared the “quality” of the NFT images to the unpopular last season of the Game of Thrones television series.. The fact is that in several images the characters have grotesque hands, more like claws.

Now the cost of the “NFT package” is 0.07 ETH ($93), and initially they were sold for $150. Users who want to buy such a package for themselves need to be careful – “open” and “closed” packages differ only on the Nifty site, otherwise you should check the metadata of the token.

Also, some buyers encountered problems – someone simply did not have an NFT package in their wallet, others were debited twice. Representatives of the Nifty platform said that all problems will be resolved and users will get their money back.

The creation of the NFT collection was announced back in November last year.. The launch of the second collection based on the “Game of Thrones” is planned, while the sale will be launched on the largest platform, OpenSea.