At CES 2023, a device was presented that allows you to “smell the metaverse”

At the technology conference CES 2023, an accessory for virtual reality helmets was presented that allows you to smell in the metaverse

Electronics company OVR Technology unveiled at CES 2023 a device for virtual reality helmets that allows you to smell the metaverse. Tech Xplore writes about it.


A novelty called ION allows you to smell the fire or roasted marshmallows. The device can be connected to almost any virtual reality helmet via Bluetooth. The extension produces odor nanoparticles once per millisecond using modular cartridges using water. However, it remains unclear whether OVR Technology plans to mass-produce the device.

The head of Aromajoin, a Japanese company that also makes fragrances for the metaverse, believes that the technology can become as disruptive as smartphones once were.. According to Sunghun Cho, scents in the metaverse can be a key element in the daily lives of VR users.

Meanwhile, manufacturers of virtual helmets continue to look for the best value for money products for the mass consumer.. For example, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC introduced a new virtual reality helmet VIVE XR Elite.. New features 110° full color RGB pass-through camera and hand tracking. The helmet supports 4K quality resolution with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Helmet weight – 625 grams. In addition to virtual, the helmet also supports augmented reality functionality.

It is expected that the product from HTC will become the main competitor of Quest Pro from Meta* (recognized as extremist by the Russian authorities and banned in the country). By comparison, Meta's VR headset costs $1,499, while the VIVE XR Elite will cost $1,099 before VAT in the US.

What’s more, HTC also partnered with metaverse blockchain developer Lamina1. As part of the VIVE XR Elite launch, HTC's VIVERSE platform will leverage Lamina1's resources to enable more “efficient asset allocation” across different metaverses.


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