Nearly half of the gaming industry believes in neither the metaverse nor the blockchain


Video game developers are skeptical of promises about the prospects of the blockchain and the metaverse

Video game creators for the most part don’t fall for fairy tales with promises of technological breakthroughs related to the metaverse.. The Washington Post writes about this with reference to the Game Developer Conference survey, which was attended by over 2,300 developers.. Of those surveyed, about 39% are indie developers, with another 23% working for a larger studio.. The rest refused to clarify their status.

Half of respondents (45%) believe that “the concept of the metaverse will never be realized” in the form in which they are trying to sell it. According to 14% of respondents, the most likely candidate for the implementation of the metaverse in one form or another is the video game Fortnite from Epic Games. Only 7% believe in the success of the product from Meta* (recognized by the authorities of the Russian Federation as extremist and banned in the country). Only 5% of respondents believe in the prospects of Roblox.

Fortnite gameplay screenshot. Source: Hughes

As one of the developers stated, the current metaverse promises do not make sense, since people have no idea what it is. As an example, respondents cited the hype around cloud gaming technology, which has never been able to prove its effectiveness.. Game developers are much more skeptical about blockchain. Of those surveyed, only 2% said they already use the technology in games. Another 75% said they were not interested in integrating blockchain into their products.

Previously, the gaming industry has already pointed out the futility of the implemented options for the metaverses.. For example, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer stated that the current implementations of the Metaverse are more like “a cheaply made video game.”. In his opinion, computer video games do a much better job of immersing in virtual reality than metaverse services.

Herman Narula, CEO of metaverse developer Improbable, partly agreed with Spencer.. He acknowledged that the metaverse is much more attractive to sports leagues and fashion brands than to video game developers.


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