Forbes bought land in the metaverse

Business magazine Forbes bought a plot of land in the popular Sandbox metaverse. Employees have already built a pool and bar there

Forbes representatives wrote to X (formerly. “Twitter”) that they acquired virtual real estate in Sandbox. However, no details of the deal have been disclosed.

Forbes Representative at Sandbox

The move reportedly represents the magazine's “deeper dive into the Web3 space.”. The Sandbox metaverse now has an entire Forbes chapter, which is located near Dracula's Castle and HODL Island.

According to a press release, the space acquired by the magazine includes a pool, a bar and a gallery that displays portraits of 30 Under 30 honorees.

Forbes Representative at Sandbox. Source: Forbes

There are also QR codes scattered throughout the site.. By clicking on them, they will be able to find exclusive content. The interactive experience, as planned by the developers, should attract more users to the metaverse.

“Our entry into the Sandbox metaverse is a testament to Forbes' commitment to being at the forefront of technology innovation. Through our continued digital presence, we are opening up new opportunities for our community to connect, learn and grow together in a way that was previously unimaginable,” said Taha Ahmed, Chief Development Officer at Forbes.

Metaverses are no longer interesting

At the same time, since October 2022, the virtual real estate market has been steadily losing relevance. Thus, the average price for land in Sandbox is at its lowest level in the last few months – 0.19 Ethereum (ETH).

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An outflow of investors is also observed in another metaverse project – Decentraland. On February 11, the average price for land reached a historical low of 0.15 ETH. At the time of writing, the figure is 0.20 ETH.

Back in July, representatives of Meta* (banned in the Russian Federation) stated that no one cares about metaverses anymore.

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