HTC is pushing Meta* into the Metaverse hardware market

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC has introduced a new virtual reality helmet VIVE XR Elite, which will compete with existing equipment for the metaverse

Tech giant HTC unveils new VIVE XR Elite VR headset. According to a press release, it includes a full-color 110° RGB pass-through camera and hand-tracking.. The helmet supports 4K quality resolution with a refresh rate of 90Hz. The weight of the novelty is 625 grams.


The helmet is charged via USB-C port. Users can also port the headset to a PC to access VIVEPORT and Steam content. In addition to virtual reality, the helmet also supports augmented reality functionality.. In the US, the cost of new items will be $ 1099 without VAT, and in Europe the price will be € 1399 without VAT. Deliveries will begin at the end of February 2023.

What’s more, HTC also partnered with metaverse blockchain developer Lamina1. As part of the VIVE XR Elite launch, HTC's VIVERSE platform will leverage Lamina1's resources to enable more “efficient asset allocation” across different metaverses.

HTC also plans to partner with Warner Music Taiwan for virtual music concerts as well.. ELLE Taiwan also intends to launch the ELLEverse virtual showroom, where it will distribute unique digital avatars throughout 2023.

The fight for metal leadership

It is assumed that the novelty will become the main competitor of Quest Pro from Meta * (recognized by the authorities of the Russian Federation as extremist and banned in the country). By comparison, Meta's VR headset costs $1,499. At the same time, the current implementations of the metaverse from Meta leave much to be desired.

As The Verge journalists found out, the Quest Pro helmet does not always correctly track the position of the eyes in the Horizon Worlds application, projecting them half-closed on a 3D avatar. Problems are also observed in the software part. For example, the Workrooms platform in the Horizon Worlds metaverse is still experiencing technical issues and does not support social media contact sync. At the same time, the quality of 3D avatars in Workrooms is still far from ideal.


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