Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by 10% at once

On the night of January 16, another recalculation of the complexity of bitcoin mining took place. The indicator rose immediately by 10.26% – this is the largest increase in complexity since October last year. At the moment, the difficulty of mining Bitcoin is 37.59 terahashes, and the average hashrate has reached 269 Eh/s. The hashrate of the network of the first cryptocurrency decreased at the end of December due to the shutdown of old miners, but now the bitcoin rate has risen to $21,000, which allowed the equipment to be turned on again. Therefore, the hashrate of the first cryptocurrency has reached new heights. Mining difficulty of 37.59 terahashes is a record. Previously, the indicator fluctuated around 35 terahashes, and the previous record was the complexity of 36.95 terahashes. Recall that at the end of December, the hashrate of the first cryptocurrency was affected by the weather – a large-scale snow storm took place in the United States, which led to power outages in Texas.. Many mining companies have turned off their equipment so that there is enough electricity to heat houses.. Earlier this month, it was also reported that hosting company Core Scientific would shut down 37,000 Celsius ASIC miners.