Installation of electrical equipment for a mining center with a capacity of 100 MW began in Buryatia

The Russian company “Bitriver-B” announced that the installation of power equipment has begun at the construction site of a large mining center in Buryatia. The total capacity of the data center will reach 100 MW.

The first delivery will provide the data center with a power transformer with a capacity of 125,000 kVA 220/10 kV. After a full launch, the mining center, the cost of which will be 900 million rubles, will be able to provide the work of 30,000 ASIC miners. Bitriver-B promises to create about 100 new jobs for local officials.

The construction site was not chosen by chance: the advanced development area (TOR) in the village of Mukhorshibir, Mukhorshibir district of the Republic of Buryatia promises state preferences to project participants on its territory. “Bitriver-B” will be able to save on customs fees when importing high-tech equipment.

“In addition to the construction of buildings and structures, we are faced with the task of equipping the data center with computing and power equipment, the supply of which has already begun. At the moment, 20 transformers have already been shipped in Vladivostok and are heading to Buryatia, and another 60 are being prepared for shipment,” says Igor Runets, CEO of BitRiver parent company.

It is expected that the launch of the mining center will take place in the first half of 2023. In addition to the data center, 14 more projects are being developed as part of the ASEZ, the total investment in which exceeded 2.6 billion rubles.

BitRiver announced plans to create a large-scale mining center in Buryatia back in 2020. In addition, BitRiver is involved in several projects for the extraction of cryptocurrencies on associated gas.