Illegal Underground Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Discovered in Massachusetts School

In December 2021, an illicit underground mining operation was uncovered in Cohasset, Massachusetts, situated in a school. The perpetrator responsible for this illegal activity fled the scene.

As per the Washington Post, the school principal discovered a hidden nook in the basement containing several computers and an unlawful electrical connection. Upon investigation, the head of the IT department confirmed that the equipment was being used for mining cryptocurrencies. The authorities were immediately notified.

Following the investigation, the culprit responsible for the underground mining operation was identified as Nadeam Nahas, a 39-year-old assistant director of housekeeping.

The police collected evidence and presented it to the prosecutor’s office, resulting in Nahas being summoned to court on February 23, 2023. He faced charges of theft of electricity and unauthorized usage of school property.

Shockingly, Nahas did not show up for the court hearing and was unresponsive to phone calls. Consequently, the judge issued an arrest warrant for the suspect. At present, law enforcement agencies in America are searching for Nahas.

Interestingly, another underground mining farm was uncovered in a garage in Ulyanovsk, a mere 150 meters away from the police station.