Men Sentenced to Prison for Cryptocurrency Theft in Omsk

A local court in Omsk has handed down strict sentences to three individuals who robbed a resident and forced him to transfer over 84 million rubles in cryptocurrency to their wallets.

According to the Omsk prosecutor’s office, the perpetrators arrived in the city and monitored their victim’s movements and routine for ten days before presenting themselves as law enforcement officers and forcing him into a car.

The attackers then proceeded to steal more than 84 million rubles in cryptocurrency and 3 million rubles in fiat currency. The court has ordered the kidnappers to compensate the victim for the damage caused.

In a separate incident, an Irkutsk miner was accused of stealing electricity worth 1.6 million rubles, while mining equipment worth 63 million rubles was stolen in Khakassia, and three employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are considered suspects.