The courts of the Irkutsk region received more than 1,000 lawsuits against underground miners

Irkutskenergosbyt reports that the number of lawsuits filed against underground miners has exceeded 1,000. At the same time, 600 claims in the amount of 260 million rubles have already been satisfied.

Power engineers of the Irkutsk region continue to work to identify and suppress illegal mining activities. Underground miners cause a significant load on electrical networks, which can lead to accidents, and this, in turn, can be life-threatening. At the same time, it was the Irkutsk region that became the champion in the number of underground miners due to the low electricity tariff.

The fight against underground mining has been going on for three years. When illegal mining of cryptocurrencies is detected, power engineers go to court with a demand to reimburse the difference in fees for electricity. The total amount of compensation for claims filed is over 400 million rubles.

It is interesting that often complaints about miners come from the population. Last year alone, power engineers received more than 2,300 complaints from residents of the Irkutsk region about the underground mining of cryptocurrencies.. In January 2023, up to 10 calls per day were registered. Residents complain about noise and vibration from mining equipment, power surges, and also fear fires.

Earlier, residents of the Irkutsk region sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to introduce differentiated electricity tariffs for miners.