Arbitrum Foundation will finance the filming of a film about the crypto industry

The independent film company DPOP Studios, thanks to funding from the Arbitrum Foundation, has begun filming the feature film New Here. A whole series of stories about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and digital art is promised.

The film will be narrated from the perspective of a novice user who meets with cryptocurrency industry enthusiasts and learns about what the world of virtual assets, blockchain and Web3 is like.. The film is divided into several separate stories that will be released one after another during 2024.

The first story is planned to be released in early April. Director Shane Boris admitted that the film is intended to popularize the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technologies.

Earlier, a two-minute trailer for the documentary XRP Unleashed (“XRP Unlocked”) appeared on the Internet.. The film is supposed to show the history of the proceedings between the cryptocurrency issuer, Ripple, and the US authorities.