Gryphon Digital Mining announces takeover of cannabis producer Akerna

Gryphon Digital and Akerna pool capital to advance carbon-neutral bitcoin mining company. In doing so, Gryphon will acquire the status of a publicly traded company.

As it became known from the joint statement of the project participants, the public cannabis company Akerna (KERN), as part of the merger procedure, will sell its software business to competing companies MJ Platform and Leaf Data Systems.

The buyer will be POSaBIT, a leading provider of payment infrastructure for the cannabis industry.. The amount of the transaction will be about $4 million. Upon completion of the merger, Akerna will change its name to Gryphon Digital Mining.

Mining company shareholders will own about 92.5% of the new joint stock company, while Akerna shareholders will own about 7.5%.

Previously, Mendocino Clone Company, a medical marijuana grower, entered into an agreement with the EMTRI project and Global Compliance Applications to use distributed ledger technology to track the movement of cannabis supplies.