Mark Cuban: “Investing in bitcoin is much better than investing in gold”

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball club, believes that investing in bitcoin is much more profitable than investing in gold.. The billionaire expects a further decline in BTC for his purchase. During the Club Random podcast with host Bill Maher, American billionaire Mark Cuban shared his thoughts on investing in cryptocurrencies and precious metals. When the host of the podcast stated that he was anti-Bitcoin and believed in the value of gold, Cuban called everyone who felt the same way “fucking stupid”. A cryptocurrency enthusiast is sure that gold cannot be an insurance against inflation and other risks of losing money, since gold bars are not in the direct possession of people. “Gold is held by you in the same way as bitcoin. All you have is a digital transaction that proves ownership of this precious metal. Imagine that you have a gold bar in your hands, you know what would happen? Someone would kill you or beat you in the alley to take your gold, ”Kuban said. The billionaire called bitcoin a good investment, despite the long crypto winter, exacerbated by the bankruptcy of the FTX exchange. Cuban said the collapse of FTX does not mean that the entire digital asset industry has failed. Cryptocurrency enthusiast wished that the rate of the first cryptocurrency fell, then he could buy even more bitcoin. At the same time, he made a reservation that this is not a call to buy a crypto asset. Although Cuban believes in the potential of cryptocurrencies, he is very skeptical about buying land and real estate in the metaverses.. According to him, such virtual properties can be “built” an infinite number, so they will not have the same value as in real life.