Nayib Bukele: “El Salvador’s profit from investing in Bitcoin exceeded 40%”

Against the backdrop of the global growth of the digital asset market and the first cryptocurrency reaching new historical highs, the President of El Salvador announced that the investments of the country’s authorities in bitcoins had fully justified themselves.

Nayib Bukele clarified that the profit from investing in bitcoins amounted to more than 40% plus the initial investment.

El Salvador invested in Bitcoin at an average price of $42,440, and with the current price of BTC over $62,000, unrealized gains exceeded $64 million. Even with such an increase in the price of the asset, the government is not going to sell it off, the head of the South American state assured.

Earlier, Vice President Felix Ulloa promised the citizens of El Salvador that they would maintain the course towards bitcoinization of the economy for the entire term of office of the recently re-elected president.