Chainalysis: Sanctions failed to stop Tornado Cash from working

Analysts at Chainalysis believe that restrictions will not completely stop the use of decentralized services, but will only make it more difficult to access them. Chainalysis published a report, which shows that the sanctions imposed on the Tornado Cash cryptocurrency mixer really affected the operation of the service, but it was not possible to completely disable the algorithm. According to analysts, Tornado Cash is a decentralized platform based on smart contracts, so no person or organization can easily stop the mixer from running. As an example, experts cited a site on the Hydra darknet, where, after the servers were shut down by the German police, the influx of cryptocurrencies dropped to zero.. The platform, explains Chainalysis, was centralized, so it was not difficult for law enforcement officers to close it. Sanctions against Tornado Cash led to the fact that the mixer site, which works as an interface, was closed, but the smart contract itself continues to work – technically, experts write, anyone can use it at any time: “This proves that sanctions against decentralized platforms and services work more as a tool that can prevent their use, but not completely stop. However, the sanctions were able to scare people away from using the mixer – a month after the imposition of restrictions, the total inflow of funds fell from $25 million a day to $5 million. Recall that earlier Holland rejected requests from lawyers to let Tornado Cash creator Alexei Pertsev go home until the next court hearing, which should take place February 20th.