Charles Hoskinson: “Cardano has gone from being a ghost to a zombie”

The founder of Cardano criticized the negative forecast of CoinDesk, according to which in 2023 the Cardano network may lose its followers. A few days ago, the popular publication CoinDesk published an article with 23 predictions for the next year regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies.. The author of the article argued that “useless blockchains” will finally lose their positions as top ones, as money flows out of their ecosystems. Coindesk ranked Cardano as one of the top ten cryptocurrency projects by market capitalization among such blockchains. The article argues that this project does not justify its popularity, which it has enjoyed since the early days of its existence, since the Cardano ecosystem is in place, despite innovative developments in the Web3 sector.. The news portal called Cardano a zombie network, claiming that its death bell will sound in 2023, as the network could lose even its most loyal supporters due to broken promises by the network developers. Charles Hoskinson responded on Twitter to Coindesk's prediction, writing that his network has now gone from being a ghost to a zombie. Cryptocurrency publication claims prove Hoskinson's previous assumptions that Coindesk hates Cardano for some reason and is biased against Hoskinson himself. Recently, a businessman expressed disappointment that even the marketplace Coinbase did not mention the Cardano blockchain in its report on the prospects for the cryptocurrency market for 2023.. According to Hoskinson, he expected much more from Coinbase. Meanwhile, in September, the Input Output Global (IOG) development team released the Vasil update, which aims to increase the scalability and throughput of the Cardano blockchain, as well as improve the functionality of smart contracts.