Indian Science Center NITI Aayog to Launch Blockchain Classes in 10,000 Schools

Indian R&D center NITI Aayog announced the launch of a “blockchain learning module” to be implemented in over 10,000 local educational institutions.

The initiative is called the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), and dedicated Atal Tinkering Labs are being set up across India, with some 7.5 million students involved in computing and adaptive learning.. The educational module was created in collaboration with digital asset company 5ire. The training program was curated and conceptualized by career mentoring platform Network Capital.

The training course is divided into several parts: introduction to the blockchain, advantages of the technology, obstacles to its development, the basics of consensus algorithms, digital assets, smart contracts and identity using a distributed ledger. The focus will be on blockchain use cases in finance, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and automotive.

“Innovative technologies will fundamentally change how companies and individuals interact, providing them with a more secure way to store and transfer data.. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will open up huge opportunities for young people and this module will introduce 6th grade students to how blockchain works. Students learn that it can be used to solve social problems,” explains AIM leader Chintan Vaishnav.

In September, the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) partnered with the TimesPro platform to create educational workshops on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Web3.. However, in December, the Indian government abandoned plans to introduce the DLT blockchain into the financial industry due to the low interest of banks in these technologies.