Argentina Leads As Worldcoin’s World ID Shatters Records

Argentina Leads As Worldcoin’s World ID Shatters Records

The country, known for its tech innovation and crypto enthusiasm, witnessed a surge in demand for World ID verifications, resulting in an astonishing single-day record of 9,500 users completing verification processes.

Despite ongoing scrutiny by Argentine authorities into Worldcoin‘s data management practices, the demand for its identity-focused service remains unwavering.

The project, which encourages individuals to establish their digital identity through iris scans, has garnered immense attention, making it the top app in Argentina on the App Store.

Worldcoin’s vision revolves around inclusivity in the global economy and serving the over 4 billion individuals worldwide who lack a legitimate, digitally verifiable identity.

The core of this mission is the World ID protocol, which leverages a Proof of Personhood (PoP) credential issued via the innovative biometric device, the Orb. Unlike traditional methods, World ID doesn’t require personal information like names, emails, or phone numbers.

The surge in demand isn’t exclusive to Argentina. Since the project’s launch on July 24, 2023, a global clamor for World ID verification has been witnessed. This pattern extended into August, with Argentina’s one-day record underscoring the nation’s commitment to pioneering technology adoption.

Amidst these achievements, it’s important to note the project’s ongoing privacy concerns. Multiple governments, including Argentina, have initiated investigations into Worldcoin’s data practices. The project had already attracted over 2 million users before its token launch in July.

However, with the distribution of retinal scanners, privacy worries have led to inquiries from institutions such as Germany’s Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision and France‘s National Commission on Informatics and Liberty.

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