Dave Portnoy Regrets Selling Bitcoin — Wishes Barstool Invested $10 Million in BTC

Barstool Sports mogul Dave Portnoy is feeling a deep sense of regret after selling his bitcoin and now wishes that his company had invested $10 million in the cryptocurrency. Portnoy expressed frustration, stating that he could have seen a 75% increase in bitcoin value, equating to $750,000 in gains. He revealed that the sale was unintentional, explaining that he was testing the liquidity of his exchange and forgot to switch back. Portnoy’s video sparked a response from Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor, who reminded him of the golden rule: “You buy bitcoin, and you do not sell your bitcoin.” Many in the crypto community encouraged Portnoy to reenter the market, as they believe there is still room for bitcoin to grow in value. Despite the remorse, Portnoy remains optimistic, noting that it is never too late to buy bitcoin.