Key Cardano Priorities for March 2024 Co-Signed by ADA Creator

Key Cardano Priorities for March 2024 Co-Signed by ADA Creator

In an exclusive article written by well-known Cardano contributor Rick McCracken, three key priorities for the ADA community in March 2024 have been highlighted. These priorities have gained even more significance with a co-signature from the creator of ADA himself, Charles Hoskinson.

McCracken’s insights shed light on critical areas that require attention from Cardano enthusiasts and stakeholders. One of the top priorities is the need to update pools to the latest 8.7.3 full P2P version. This patch release addresses a bug in the outbound-governor and has already been adopted by a significant 68% of reporting SPOs. This update is crucial for strengthening the network against potential vulnerabilities.

Another important focus highlighted by McCracken is the deployment of Mithril, a protocol essential for enhancing Cardano’s defense mechanisms against potential attacks. Currently, only 15% of staked ADA are utilizing this crucial feature, and it is deemed necessary to achieve a 60% adoption rate to ensure robust network security.

Additionally, McCracken emphasizes the urgency of stress-testing SanchoNet, the testnet designed to introduce groundbreaking governance features for the Cardano blockchain. With 23 DReps and 29 stake pools actively involved, the upcoming Chang HFC event in three months underscores the need for thorough stress and battle testing in the coming months.

The endorsement of this article by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano, further highlights the significance of these priorities. It signifies a unified commitment to strengthening Cardano’s infrastructure and ensuring its resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

By addressing these priorities, the Cardano community aims to solidify the platform’s position as a leading force in the blockchain industry.