CoinDCX taps Okto Chain’s orchestration layer to introduce web3 mode with INR onramp

CoinDCX, an Indian crypto exchange, has partnered with Okto Chain, an orchestration layer, to introduce web3 mode with INR onramp. Okto Chain simplifies web3 for users and developers by offering a suite of easy-to-use software development kits (SDKs) that integrate web3 functionalities into applications. With this integration, CoinDCX users can access 50,000 tokens within the exchange’s mobile application’s web3 mode, including major ecosystems like Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and more. Users will also benefit from on-chain rewards, OKTO airdrops, and self-custody services within the app. Okto Chain’s chain abstraction enables cross-chain interactions, allowing users to perform token swaps and multi-chain identity verification. Importantly, the web3 mode also lets CoinDCX users use INR directly to purchase tokens like ETH and Matic without additional wallets. The orchestration layer handles all gas fees, eliminating the need for managing multiple native tokens across different chains. CoinDCX founder Neeraj Khandelwal expressed positive feedback from users and highlighted the demand for a user-friendly approach to web3. Okto Chain, initially unveiled in May 2024, is a zero-knowledge roll-up chain secured by PoS validators. Its abstraction layer incorporates Decentralized Wallet Networks (DWNs) and Decentralized Transaction Networks (DTNs) for unified wallet accounts and transaction orchestration across multiple chains. The Okto Chain ecosystem can also be accessed via the Okto wallet, which offers access to dApps, blockchains, and the upcoming OKTO native token.