Solana Outage: Latest Resolution Hacks Teased by Developers

Solana Outage: Developers Tease Latest Resolution Hacks

With the recurring Solana outage that has plagued the Layer-1 blockchain over the past year, developers and the Solana Foundation have been hard at work trying to find a lasting solution to the disruption.

The Solana ecosystem has faced numerous challenges due to the high volume of usage of the protocol. Components such as priority fees and the transaction scheduler, which play crucial roles in block optimization, have been pushed to their limits and have threatened the overall health of the Solana system.

Several outages have been reported on the Solana network. In February, a Solana outage was attributed to a Berkley Packet Filter (BPF) loader failure caused by changes in the Solana Improvement Proposal (SMID). Developers quickly took action to rewrite the code, but unfortunately, this repair was not enough to prevent another outage.

More suggestions have surfaced regarding the root cause of the outages and potential implementations to prevent future disruptions. It was believed that the Solana outage was caused by an infinite recompile loop in the JIT cache triggered by the “deploy-evict-request cycle of a legacy loader program.”

To ensure stability, the Solana Foundation has decided to implement tools and make alterations that will be released in the forthcoming software version. These changes are aimed at improving network application performance. In the meantime, applications built on the Solana ecosystem will be required to use priority fees, which is expected to enhance transaction speed. Optimizing the total compute units (CU) usage will also be encouraged to increase the network’s transaction capacity.

In the midst of these developments, SOL, the native cryptocurrency of Solana, has been performing well. It is currently trading at $177.86 with a 5.20% surge in the last 24 hours. The positive momentum can be attributed to its integration with Binance Web3.0 wallet. Additionally, the news of the Solana outage resolution could have contributed to the bullish move.

With the expected stability that these resolutions will bring, the attractiveness of SOL is expected to increase in the long run, potentially boosting demand and valuation.