The creator of NotLarvaLabs received $1 million in ETH from subscribers in exchange for nothing

Founder of the NotLarvaLabs platform under the nickname Pauly offered his subscribers to send him airtime “in exchange for nothing”. And ended up raising more than $1.1 million in cryptocurrency.

The bizarre social experiment began on May 30. 

“To get nothing, you have to send ethereum: YouGetNothing.eth,” Pauly wrote on Twitter.


And users started sending cryptocurrency and taking screenshots of the transactions made.

“There’s nothing there in return.. I keep saying that.. But people just send tokens to: YouGetNothing.eth,” Pauly clarified in subsequent tweets, but to no avail.

According to analysts at Arkham Intelligence, more than a thousand transfers have been made to the specified wallet. The largest transaction was from the user with the nickname Maverick_time – 10.05 ETH (about $19150).

Digital artist Johnny Shankman recently tweeted out a 27-second video of the entire process of creating the new EASY_MONEY token. Less than a day after Schenkman’s post, another account posted a video showing: the same process in the same Contact Wizard can be completed in just 22.45 seconds, setting a new unofficial record for the speed of memcoin creation so favored by promiscuous investors.

In May, a cryptoblogger decided to check out the KYC (“Know Your Customer”) procedure on the exchange and registered under the name Kim Jong-un. It took him just a few minutes to verify his identity;