FBI: Cryptocurrency scammers are most active during the holidays

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a warning that cryptocurrency scammers are most active during the holidays, when people feel especially lonely. Public relations specialist Frank Fisher said that criminals are increasingly using the so-called “pig butchering” scheme, when a fraudster gains the victim's trust through communication with her, and then asks to invest in crypto assets and hides with them . The bureau urged to be wary of people who begin to actively develop relationships with you on social networks or dating applications.. Especially when you are directly asked to invest in a project.. Often the scammers are located abroad – according to the FBI, most of them live in Cambodia or China. Criminals are especially active on holidays, because at this time most people can feel lonely – most often criminals know what to put pressure on in order to successfully manipulate a person, according to the FBI. “These people have vast experience in such schemes and are armed with various psychological tricks that can make you vulnerable, interest and convince you to part with your money,” experts say. Earlier, phone security company Truecall reported that phone scammers have become more active in defrauding crypto investors after the collapse of the FTX exchange.