Investor robbed and forced to transfer $284k in BTC on Bali island

Yuri Boytsov, an investor who has been residing on Bali island for several months, has reported a harrowing incident of robbery at his villa. Boytsov was held up by four assailants, one of whom was dressed as a police officer, while the other two were Caucasian men and the fourth was wearing a balaclava to hide his face.

They accused Boytsov of scamming one of his subscribers and demanded that he transfer BTC worth $284,000 to their wallets. Boytsov was subjected to physical assault, and in order to transfer the funds, he had to take a selfie with his passport.

According to Boytsov, the uniformed policeman turned out to be genuine. When he reported the crime to the police, he encountered the same man in uniform who was present during the attack.

Boytsov has accused the Indonesian law enforcement agencies of being corrupt, claiming that they released the suspects despite being able to identify them. He has also warned his followers against visiting the island.

To add to the situation, Boytsov was detained by local authorities on charges of slander. Boytsov has claimed that the robbers took away his and his girlfriend’s passports, leaving them in danger.

Meanwhile, international law enforcement officers have carried out a special operation to arrest the leaders of an Israeli cryptocurrency syndicate that preyed on residents of Australia.