Sentry and Infineon create a biometric identification system for crypto asset owners

Technology companies Sentry and Infineon announced their readiness to enter the crypto market with a biometric platform that provides users with an identity card that can be integrated into almost any existing infrastructure..

The relevance of the future development is confirmed by the fact, representatives of the companies assure that reliable identification of an individual has become a critical condition for access to commercial information, state assets and operations in the cryptocurrency market.

“Privacy-focused biometric systems will play a critical role in security and identification, especially in emerging crypto markets.. We believe that Sentry will be the first commercially scalable project in this area,” says Arnaud Moser, Infineon director of smart card and IoT security in the Americas.

Secure, the creator of the SentryCard biometric platform, is already completing preparatory work for the release of the Sentinel biometric crypto wallet with cold storage. As an element base, Secure uses the latest generation of SLC37x chips from Infineon.

Infineon's CC EAL 6+ certified security controllers are designed for use in ePassports and authentication tools for accessing a secure environment.

Earlier, Polygon Networks, Tokenology and MSP Recovery announced the launch of a platform for a biometrically secure system for monitoring the implementation of health insurance programs on the LifeChain blockchain.