Law enforcement officers of Italy and Albania uncovered a crypto-fraud scheme for $15.9 million

Police officers in Italy and Albania exposed a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme, the organizers of which managed to attract 15 million euros (more than $15.9 million) of investors. The organizers of the scheme contacted investors from a call center in the Albanian capital Tirana using virtual phone numbers and virtual private networks (VPNs), law enforcement officials say.. The attackers offered victims investments in cryptocurrencies with a minimum level of risk, persuading them to open an account on a special platform. Affected investors who suspected fraud were contacted by other organizers of the same cryptocurrency scam, posing as representatives of law enforcement or bureaucratic organizations. To return the lost funds, the fake law enforcers recommended that investors deposit additional funds, which also did not return. The criminal case was initiated in 2020 by the Italian police together with Eurojust. Security forces from Italy and Albania received arrest warrants for the main suspects. From December 13 to 15, law enforcement agencies raided 13 addresses in Albania and confiscated more than 160 electronic devices, including computers, servers and VCRs. In addition, assets worth 3 million euros (about $3.2 million) were seized from the criminal group.. The total losses incurred by deceived investors are estimated at more than $15.9 million. Recall that in November, under similar circumstances, the Cyber Police of Ukraine exposed a cryptocurrency fraud scheme, with the help of which criminals managed to earn 200 million euros a year. The scammers had offices and call centers, where several thousand employees worked in different locations throughout Europe. Several countries, including Albania, have been involved in the investigation of this scheme.