Pavel Durov: Toncoin cryptocurrency will maintain decentralization

The creator of the Telegram messenger said that the decentralization of the Toncoin cryptocurrency will be preserved. The messenger team will not control the majority of the asset issue.

After it became known that the Telegram messenger was going to sell advertising content for Toncoin (TON), community members began to publicly express concern that Telegram would concentrate a significant amount of this cryptocurrency.

In response, Pavel Durov assured that the Telegram team will be limited in the ownership of TON at the level of 10% of the total supply of the asset. According to the entrepreneur, all surplus cryptocurrency will be sold to investors based on a blocking and transition plan for one to four years, but at a discount to the market value of the coin.

Thus, all freely circulating TON will be blocked, and this will reduce the volatility of the coin, leading to stabilization of the ecosystem, Durov believes. The founder of Telegram announced that he is ready to consider applications from investors who are interested in buying out TON on the market.

Earlier, Hong Kong venture capital company Animoca Brands announced that thanks to investments in TON Network it has become the largest validator of the blockchain platform.