The Webaverse project lost $4 million in crypto assets

Webaverse co-founder Ahad Shams said the attackers managed to steal $4 million worth of assets after they were able to access the Trust Wallet.

According to Ahad Shams, the attackers posed as investors and met with him in the lobby of a hotel in Rome. He emphasizes that the hackers could not get access to the private key in any way, and they carried out the hack somehow when they photographed the balance of the Trust Wallet.. Shams assured that he was not connected to public Wi-Fi, and the program itself was installed recently.

“We contacted a man who introduced himself as Mr. Safra. He announced plans to invest in our project, but explained that he was already deceived by people from the cryptocurrency industry. He requested our details and demanded that we fly to Rome and meet in person,” Shams said.

According to the co-founder of Webaverse, he was initially skeptical of Mr. Safra. However, he agreed to meet and even show “proof of funds.”

“We reluctantly agreed to provide such evidence. We created a Trust Wallet at home using a device we hadn't contacted them before. We thought that without the private key and seed phrase, our funds would be safe. We sat across from these men and Mr. Safra took out his phone to take some pictures,” Shams said.

Safra then stated that he should consult with his banking colleagues, but never returned.. And $4 million in USDC disappeared from the wallet in a few minutes. Shams stressed that he “has no idea” how the hackers managed to steal the funds.

Earlier it was reported that the BonqDAO cryptocurrency project was hacked. Hackers managed to steal funds in the amount of $88 million.