An unknown person withdrew 2.04 million DOGE that had been dormant for nine years in the amount of $186,000

The Whale Alert service, which tracks large transactions with crypto assets, showed that the owner of 2,043,137 DOGE, inactive since December 31, 2013, moved assets for the first time.

On Sunday, February 5, all coins were transferred in just two transactions. First, the owner of the coins transferred 10,176 DOGE to an anonymous address, and a few minutes later sent the remaining 2,032,961 DOGE to another address.

Nine years later, the accumulated Dogecoin on the dormant address is estimated at $186,364. The crypto community congratulated the owner of the address on the fact that he managed to multiply his fortune by almost 10,000 times on the meme cryptocurrency, which was originally conceived as a joke.

Now the DOGE cryptocurrency is trading at $0.093, although at the weekend the rate reached $0.0998. Dog Coin is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, reaching $12.2 billion.

This is not the first time Whale Alert shares details about dormant Dogecoin wallets coming to life after several years of inactivity. In November 2022, another major DOGE owner activated his address, which had been dormant for eight years.. In the same month, an anonymous owner of Ethereum, who forgot about his address for seven years, moved 500 ETH from it.