Binance fails to list BNB on US exchanges

Although BNB, the main token of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, has a capitalization of about $40 billion, the main trading platforms are in no hurry to sell it. Cryptocurrency exchanges may not list BNB so as not to have further problems with the regulator, some industry experts say. In particular, IntoTheBlock lead researcher Lucas Outumuro believes the listing is not happening because exchanges believe BNB is a centralized platform. At the moment, BNB is traded on such platforms as KuCoin, OKX and Huobi, but, for example, it is not on the American exchange Kraken. American regulators consider BNB a potential security. In particular, this is reported by Coinedition. Binance has been battling rumors lately that there has been a significant outflow of funds from the platform and uptime may be at risk.. Although the results of the audit firm Mazars showed that the site has the necessary security, the conditions for the verification were made “without access to some information”. Moreover, a Binance representative confirmed this information. The price of the BNB token fell by 17% in December and is now around $245, although back in May it reached almost $700. The total market capitalization has almost tripled, from $116 billion to $40 billion. Some analysts fear that BNB may repeat the fate of the FTT token, which preceded the complete collapse of its issuer, the FTX crypto exchange. While analysts are evaluating risks, investors are reducing their positions.