Cardano developers promise to simplify the creation of cross-chain applications with the new update


Cardano has set a release date for a new update that aims to make it easier for developers to build multi-network applications.

First, the update will be tested in a special environment that simulates the conditions of a real network, and then deployed on the main Plutus smart contract platform.. Testing of the update should begin on Saturday, February 11th.

Cross-chain application support will allow developers to create cross-chain bridges that will connect Cardano and other blockchains. Thus, assets from one network will be able to migrate to another – in the form of so-called wrapped tokens.

Note that most recently, the total value of assets locked in decentralized applications on the Cardano network exceeded $100 million.. This is the highest in the last eight months.. True, more than half of this volume is accounted for by the Minswap and Wingriders exchanges.

Interest in DeFi based on Cardano is not surprising – in January, the djed algorithmic stablecoin was launched on the network of this project.. This is a stablecoin with a multiple overcollateralization – in order to issue djed tokens, a user or company needs to provide collateral in the amount of 400% to 800%. Such a mechanism should help the stablecoin remain stable even in times of market uncertainty.

In January, the Cardano network faced a massive outage. About half of the nodes went offline, so block production was slow.