ConsenSys begins testing zkEVM scaling technology

The company behind the MetaMask wallet and Infura infrastructure platform, ConsenSys, has launched a closed testnet supporting Ethereum's zkEVM scaling technology. zkEVM technology is currently considered one of the most promising for Ethereum scaling. It can increase the network bandwidth of the second cryptocurrency hundreds of times and reduce transaction fees.. It is based on a zero-knowledge proof. The peculiarity of zkEVM is that developers creating applications for Ethereum will be able to work in the environment they are familiar with, without the need to dive into zero-knowledge proof theory. ConsenSys announced that the acceptance of applications for participation in testing was launched in December. The company received more than 150,000 applications. Participants will be able to move assets between the Goerli testnet and the zkEVM testnet. There they will be able to test the operation of smart contracts, decentralized applications, infrastructure solutions and wallets. “We'll see if zkEVM-based development experience can help drive Web3 development,” the company said in a statement. Note that ConsenSys is not the only company working on implementing zkEVM. For example, Polygon developers have already launched the second test network supporting this technology.