Jim Cramer Predicts Another Weak Year for Crypto

According to CNBC columnist and Mad Money host Jim Cramer, the community should not expect major crypto booms in 2023 as the industry will be dominated by depressive sentiment. Jim Cramer shared with his followers on Twitter the assumption that the skepticism in the crypto community will not allow digital assets to show any meaningful results in 2023. Kramer believes that recent events have significantly influenced investor preferences and their general interest in crypto assets. “I predict another depressing year for crypto and wonder how many millions of people are still involved,” Kramer tweeted. Earlier, the PricePrediction cryptoasset monitoring service, using artificial intelligence, predicted the bitcoin rate at the beginning of 2023.. According to the algorithms, in a month bitcoin will be traded at $15,532. This is about 7% below the current value of BTC.. In general, it is expected that during January the rate of the first cryptocurrency will decrease.. Recall that BTC ended 2022 on a minor note – the coin lost more than 70% of the 2021 high. Crypto market experts largely agree with Cramer's outlook. CoinLedger CEO David Kemmerer Expects Further BTC Correction in H1 Due to FTX Crash. The head of, Stefan Ristic, is also looking forward to a depressive year for the cryptocurrency industry. At the moment, the prices of BTC and ETH have slightly increased: Bitcoin is trading at $16,700, and Ethereum is at $1,216, having added only 1.3% on the day. On the eve of the New Year holidays, published a detailed analysis of the current situation in the cryptocurrency market.