Bitget Introduces MegaSwap DeFi Trading Tool

MegaSwap – Combining the Security and Convenience of CeFi with a DeFi Trading Environment. The tool allows you to trade or exchange crypto assets for over 10,000 DeFi tokens.

One of the largest crypto exchanges Bitget launches the MegaSwap function. With a MegaSwap account, users can access trading on eight blockchains and ten decentralized exchanges (DEXs) through the Bitget platform.

Centralized Exchange (CEX) users gain access to secure trading with diversified products and services. However, DEXs are also gaining popularity among investors who want to quickly access a wide variety of tokens.. However, DEX trading is not for everyone.. Due to the lack of necessary knowledge and protection of assets stored in DeFi wallets, trading on the DEX is not available to everyone.

Bitget developed MegaSwap to meet the needs of users for convenient and secure trading with access to a variety of assets and high liquidity.. The new functionality allows the integration of a centralized trading experience on DeFi platforms.

“MegaSwap is an important step taken by Bitget to create a secure, dynamic and reliable all-in-one trading system. Faced with the recent fluctuations and uncertainty in the markets, we see that users and investors are hungry for asset protection without sacrificing the convenience and productivity of trading.. And MegaSwap offers the right solution to bring all of these factors together, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of DEX and the enhanced security provided by the Bitget system.. We value the opportunity to give users a variety of options and liquidity by providing top-notch security and risk management measures, including hot/cold wallet separation, a multisig wallet, Zero Trust security architecture, and more to protect user assets,” said Bitget Managing Director Gracie Chen.

Users need to activate a MegaSwap account to unlock the ability to trade over 10,000 cryptocurrencies on top 10 DEXs including UniSwap, Pancake, Curve, SushiSwap and more. Due to the variety of DEXs, MegaSwap is equipped with the best liquidity pool options. The feature currently supports transactions on eight networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Fantom, Klay, HECO Chain, and OEC. With MegaSwap, users can perform cross-network swaps in one place.

In addition to combining the benefits of CEX and DEX, MegaSwap makes trading easier by making it easier to pay gas fees. Compared to conventional DeFi trading, where traders must prepare network tokens to pay gas fees, MegaSwap automatically converts gas fees from users' stablecoin balances, allowing trading with minimal effort.

“DeFi has become an important part of the ever-evolving crypto industry, playing an additional role in expanding asset diversity and diversifying the crypto ecosystem with CeFi.. We aim to be a portal that seamlessly connects CeFi and DeFi with MegaSwap. We listen to our community and users to meet the changing needs of the market and stay on top of market trends,” added Gracie Chen.

Bitget recently completed the KCGI trading competition, which saw a record number of users. This season, the competition has taken on a football theme with the backdrop of the World Cup and the company's partnership with legendary Argentinean football star Leo Messi.