Bitget Lists Nine New Projects

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget adds nine projects related to developments in the field of artificial intelligence to the listing of the Innovation Zone of Promising Tokens.

Bitget Introduces New Space for Listing Promising Tokens — Arbitrum Zone. Nine AI project tokens were listed this week: SingularityNET (AGIX), Image Generation AI (IMGNAI), Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI), Oraichain (ORAI), Future AI (AI), ArbInu (ARBINU), Radiant Capital (RDNT) ), Camelot (GRAIL) and Zyberswap (ZYB) Spot grid trading will be available for all tokens at once. Ten more new projects will be added to the Innovation Zone by the end of the week.


Grid trading on the spot:


To celebrate the listing of new promising tokens, Bitget will distribute a $20,000 prize pool among users who hold ARBINU, RDNT, GRAIL, and ZYB tokens or trade $100 or more to win lottery prizes (up to 6 chances per person). The promotion runs from 8 to 13 February.

About projects

  1. SingularityNET (AGIX) is a blockchain platform that allows you to create and monetize AI services, as well as share them on the international AI marketplace. Smart contract address (ERC-20).

  2. ImgnAI (IMGNAI) is a tokenized AI project that provides both free and premium services related to the use of artificial intelligence.. ImgnAI's flagship product, an anime-style AI image generator, is available for free on Telegram and currently generates over 20,000 images per day.. Smart contract address (ERC-20).

  3. Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) develops a decentralized protocol to create a metaverse populated by interactive and AI-trained NFTs (iNFTs). Alethea AI has set the standards for iNFT and successfully brings AI animation, interactive features and generative capabilities to NFT. Smart contract address (ERC-20):

  4. Oraichain (ORAI) is a solution for Web3, scalable dAapps and decentralized artificial intelligence. The adoption of Oraichain technology and strategy is based on three main parameters: first-tier artificial intelligence with high interoperability, scaling with second-tier solution, verifiable and secure AI implementation, decentralized data and AI platform, and standardized protocols for high applicability. Smart contract address (ERC-20).

  5. Future AI (AI) is a fully decentralized, self-governing wallet protocol that provides investors with the ability to easily and securely make any transactions, risk analysis and smart contract management tools have been implemented in the wallet. Smart contract address (BEP-20).

  6. ArbInu (ARBINU) is a project that aims to introduce users to the Arbitrum ecosystem through the fun and friendly Arbinu mascot. Smart contract address (Arbitrum).

  7. Radiant Capital (RDNT) is a project designed as a multi-channel money market where users can place any large assets on any major network and borrow various assets on multiple networks. Smart contract address (Arbitrum):

  8. Camelot (GRAIL) is an innovative DEX built to support the Arbitrum ecosystem. Managed by the community, using capital as efficiently as possible. Smart contract address (Arbitrum).

  9. Zyberswap (ZYB) is one of the first automated market maker (AMM) DEXs on the Arbitrum blockchain. Zyberswap allows you to exchange crypto assets with a minimum commission. Staking and farming rewards in the project are among the most profitable in the entire Arbitrum ecosystem. Smart contract address (Arbitrum).