Bitget to give away Seed NFT to FTT holders during World Cup 2022

Crypto derivatives exchange Bitget will be holding a free $2 million NFT giveaway to FTT token holders as part of an initiative to help users affected by the FTX crash.

According to the statement, the Bitget exchange wants to provide investors with financial assistance and restore their confidence in the crypto industry.. Seed NFT giveaway for FTT holders will consist of two stages and will take place during the World Cup. Users must first connect a wallet to OpenSea in order to receive Seed NFT, and then the NFT holder will be able to receive rewards on the Bitget platform.

Rewards include trading bonuses, 50% discount on BTC and ETH purchases, BGB and other rewards. FTT holders with a balance of at least 10 FTT at the time the snapshot is created will be eligible to participate in the NFT giveaway and receive rewards according to the rarity of the NFT.

A total of 10,000 Seed NFTs will be raffled off, ranging in rarity from Novice to Legendary, with different rewards depending on the level.. NFT holders are also eligible to participate in the BGB Bounty program where members can earn up to 8,888 BGB. BGB holders will be able to trade popular tokens at a discount, discount transaction fees, and be able to join Launchpad with exclusive early access to promising tokens.

“The crypto world is still under enormous stress due to the consequences caused by the collapse of FTX. FTX users and FTT holders still don't know what to do with assets on the platform, and the ripple effect has affected different segments of the industry. To help those affected, Bitget is launching this Seed NFT Collection and is focusing on building a resilient and trustworthy environment in the Web3 ecosystem,” said Managing Director Gracie Chen.

Recently, Bitget announced a series of marketing campaigns featuring Argentine football legend Lionel Messi, including the release of a branded film dedicated to the 2022 World Cup.