CoinWire: Most Investors and Users Believe in Metaverses


According to a CoinWire survey last December, the majority of investors in the cryptocurrency industry believe that the Metaverses will change the way people live.

According to the survey, the metaverse will soon become an integral part of the sphere of finance, business and education.. About 10,000 investors and ordinary users participated in the survey.

About 69% of respondents said that metaverses are able to offer a new approach to entertainment, 65% believe that virtual worlds will affect people’s social life.

CoinWire analysts noted that over the past five years, Meta and Microsoft have registered a total of 158 patents related to the metaverse.. Experts believe that while the industry is at the stage of active development, not only virtual worlds are being created and improved, but also tools for interacting with them. As an example, experts cited gadgets presented at the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2023 that allow users to smell or touch virtual objects.

The authors of the study noted that the United States ranks first in innovation in this area, and China and India – in positive attitudes and daily use of the metaverse.

The organizers of the Game Developer Conference have published a report according to which representatives of the gaming industry still do not see the prospects of the metaverse and eschew working with the blockchain.