Over 32,000 Users Participated in Bitget’s KCGI 2022

A record number of users took part in the Bitget King's Cup Global Invitation (KCGI) trading competition and shared the prize pool of 565,000 USDT.

One of the largest crypto exchanges, Bitget, has announced the conclusion of its biannual King's Cup Global Invitation (KCGI) trading tournament, which was attended by a record number of users.. This time the tournament was dedicated to the FIFA World Cup, which ended in December in Qatar.

The KCGI tournament, which ran from November 21 to December 19, was attended by 32,174 users in team competitions, individual competitions and tournaments by invitation. This time around, the contest has the highest number of entries of all time, with the winners sharing a prize pool of over half a million USDT.

KCGI is a futures trading tournament hosted by Bitget twice a year.. This season, the competition has been given a football theme, with the backdrop of the World Cup and the company's partnership with the legendary Argentinean football star Leo Messi.. To attract users to the 2022 World Cup, Bitget has prepared various prizes and activities, including football fan tokens, Messi autographed T-shirts, trophies, a World Cup match prediction contest, and prize draws.

“KCGI is one of our main projects. This time the tournament was held during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar where Argentina and our partner Leo Messi were the winners. We congratulate everyone: KCGI winners, Messi and the Argentina team! We are thrilled to be able to bring Bitget users to the World Cup and support Messi throughout the World Cup,” said Bitget Managing Director Gracie Chen.

Players were given the opportunity to participate in KCGI in three competition modes. Competition results:

  • Team Battle: The top 5 winning teams generated a total of over 1,450,000 USDT in profits at a P/L ratio of 1,731.24% over the competition period.

  • Invitation Contest: The top 5 contestants invited a total of 789 users.

  • Individual competition: The top 5 users in the individual competition earned about 230,000 football points by completing various daily tasks on the platform, including passing KYC, registering, inviting friends, etc.. d.

  • All winners shared a total prize pool of 565,000 USDT.

“At the height of the bear market, Bitget is investing in improving its products. Based on the sense of community that we all had during the World Cup and KCGI, we have released several products to improve the user experience in social trading, including Shark Fin, spot margin trading, DCA trading strategy, etc.. d. We also announced measures to protect our users' assets with the Bitget protection fund and fully transparent proof of reserves using a Merkle tree.. We are doing all of this to improve our internal strength and security, while ensuring maximum transparency, in the hope of restoring the industry and setting a good example,” added Gracie Chen.

About KCGI

The King's Cup Global Invitation (KCGI) is a bi-annual global crypto futures trading competition hosted by Bitget. The tournament “KCGI 2022: Football” was held from November 21 to December 19, 2022. It consisted of three competition formats: team tournament, individual competition and invitation competition.

Debuting in 2021, KCGI has generated a great response in the crypto community with over 44,000 users from all over the world participating in the last three competitions.. Stay tuned for updates on the next tournament scheduled for mid-2023.

Bitget was founded in 2018 and has become one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges with innovative social trading products and services.. It currently serves over 8 million users in over 100 countries around the world.