Spanish airline Vueling to accept NFTs

Spanish low-cost carrier Vueling has announced that it is exploring the potential of blockchain technology and plans to accept non-fungible tokens as payment.

Vueling Development Manager Jesus Monzo said that after the removal of travel restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic, the airline decided to take the first steps towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies.. Vueling customers will be able to pay for flight tickets with NFT in the third quarter of 2023. True, the company does not specify which crypto assets will be accepted as a means of payment.

To accomplish this task, the company began to cooperate with the Criptan cryptocurrency exchange, registered with the Bank of Spain.. The international payment operator UATP will also participate in the process.

The airline's top manager clarified that Vueling will be the first European low-cost airline to introduce collectible tokens into its business operations.. Partnership with Criptan and use of advanced tools will expand the payment options for travelers, strengthening their trust in the company. Criptan CEO Jorge Soriano is confident that the adoption of crypto assets can attract more customers.

Some airlines have already implemented NFT in their operations. Argentinean airline Flybondi began issuing plane tickets in the form of NFTs in September. If necessary, users can resell them on the secondary market. A few months ago, American Air and Air Canada added support for the SHIB token for booking flights.