Undeads Metaverse proposes a new approach to onboard traditional gamers to Web3

The Undeads metaverse team has unveiled a new method to introduce traditional gamers to the Web3 ecosystem, enabling them to start playing a P2E game without relying on cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Community-driven game development has surged in popularity with the integration of the blockchain industry and Web3 ecosystem, offering a decentralized game development platform that allows players to own game assets, earn cryptocurrency, and engage in the virtual economy.

However, for gamers accustomed to traditional games who are not familiar with blockchain technology, the process of joining Web3 games can seem daunting, which may dissuade them from investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This can impede the proliferation of metaverses and Web3 ecosystems among the general public.

Introducing Traditional Gamers to Web3

The Metaverse team from Undeads has come up with a unique solution to address the concerns of traditional gamers who are not familiar with Web3 ecosystems and cryptocurrency. They have developed a seamless onboarding process that allows these players to join the game and start playing without requiring them to use NFTs. To accomplish this, they can pay for the creation of characters in the game without any reference to NFTs. These characters have limited abilities, and their owners cannot earn income within the game.

According to the project team, this approach will help new players ease into the game and appreciate its benefits without any prior experience with cryptocurrencies and Web3 ecosystems. After gaining experience, players can pay for their character’s tokenization and NFT release. The gameplay mechanics also play a crucial role in helping users adapt to Web3 ecosystems without the need for NFTs. By providing access to the game without NFTs, players can explore the game world and gain insight into in-game interactions.

This approach allows traditional gamers to experience the game without having to invest in cryptocurrencies up front, which expands the player base. As players progress through the game, they can gradually learn about the benefits of Web3 and invest in NFTs. In summary, the Undeads Metaverse team has devised a novel way to onboard traditional gamers into Web3 ecosystems and metaverses, which will undoubtedly help drive the mass adoption of these technologies.

Partners and Community

As the Undeads team points out, partnerships and collaborations are critical to innovating game development in the Web3 industry.. By collaborating with external teams, development studios can leverage a wide range of competencies and resources to ensure game success. Undeads Metaverse has partnered with Warner Bros., Wabi Sabi sound, Unicsoft, BrightNode, Machinations and Certik to name but a few.

These partnerships have already benefited the development team in terms of resources and support.. They also helped align the overall vision and goals of the game by providing expertise in various areas of game development, including sound design, blockchain development, game economy design, and tokenomics.. By combining the competencies of internal and external teams, the development team can ensure that all aspects of the game are carefully planned and executed to create a high-quality product.

When considering a partnership, the Undeads team takes into account the reputation, qualifications and competencies of partners, as well as the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of their development approaches.. In addition, the project team made sure that the partners are consistent with the overall vision and goals of the game, carefully evaluating their portfolio during the negotiation stage.

Undeads developers put a lot of emphasis on new player onboarding and strategic partnerships. The project team wants to attract traditional gamers to Web3 and create a robust virtual economy that benefits all gamers. Through careful evaluation and collaboration with external partners, a “GTA-level” zombie apocalypse will be able to ensure the longevity of its ecosystem and retain players through continuous updates and expanding player base.

The launch of the beta version of the game Undeads is scheduled for the end of 2023, however, early investors have the opportunity to purchase unique NFTs and in-game tokens, according to the white paper of the project. Sale of starter potion sets will start on February 23, and the token sale will be announced soon. More information at