A third of Britons are skeptical of the idea of a metaverse

About 30% of Britons doubt the potential of the metaverse, but only one in two understands the meaning of the concept The British are extremely skeptical about the idea of virtual worlds. This conclusion was reached by the law firm Gowling WLG, who polled 6,045 respondents. Join our Telegram channel to keep abreast of the main trends of the crypto market According to published data, about 10% of Britons are not interested in the metaverse. Another 20% doubt the metaverse will ever become popular. Despite being skeptical of the metaverse, just over 40% of respondents said they did not understand the meaning of the concept of virtual worlds at all.. Only 37% of respondents know about the metaverse. For example, in China, the mood is completely different: there, over 80% want to try the metaverse (in the UK, only 37% agree on this). Moreover, it is in China that most of all believe that the metaverse will change their lives. Source: According to Gowling WLG analysts, such a high interest in virtual worlds in China is due to the coronavirus pandemic. The interest of the Chinese in new technologies may be due to the fact that many have begun to use video conferencing platforms to contact at work amid the covid crackdown.. At the same time, Gowling WLG experts believe that the skepticism of the British is good for business, since the market is still available for monetization. Dubai prepares for virtual reality In the summer it became known that by 2027 the authorities of Dubai plan to create up to 40,000 virtual jobs in the metaverse. Dubai's gross domestic product is reported to grow by $4 billion with the help of digitalization of work. The government intends to develop global standards for safe and reliable platforms for users, as well as implement infrastructure and rules to accelerate the implementation of the metaverse. According to local authorities, Dubai now has more than 1,000 companies in the metaverse and blockchain sector that bring in $500 million. Read the latest cryptocurrency news on the BeInCrypto portal and join the discussion in our Telegram channelDisclaimer All information contained on our website is published in good faith and objectivity, and for informational purposes only. The reader is solely responsible for any actions taken by him on the basis of information received on our website.