Elton John will tour the Roblox metaverse

British singer Elton John confessed his love for the metaverse and announced plans to continue his career in virtual reality British singer and composer Sir Elton John intends to continue his musical career in virtual reality. He announced this in an interview with Hypebae. Join our Telegram channel to keep abreast of the main trends of the crypto market According to the singer, as the tour ends, he plans to continue performing, but already within the framework of virtual reality. The choice fell on the metaverses, as he always wanted to keep in touch with the fans, the singer noted. “Roblox and the metaverse are perfect for the next phase of my life as the tour wraps up.. This is a new, innovative way for me to express my love for music, fashion and the boundless creativity that comes from both,” said John. The British singer entered into a partnership with the Roblox playground back in November 2022. As part of the collaboration, Elton John's themed virtual world appeared on the site, as well as the exclusive film “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road”. Roblox players could receive exclusive in-game items such as British Composer glasses, avatar packs, costumes and more during the event.. The singer claims that the choice fell on Roblox due to the fact that there are “no restrictions” on the site.. According to the singer, the virtual world allows digital creators to be completely themselves. “You can be as flashy or down to earth as you want. It's very similar to how I chose to live my life and express myself on stage and through my music,” he said. However, the financial details of Elton John's partnership with Roblox have not been disclosed.. Meanwhile, things at the playground itself leave much to be desired. Roblox falls short of forecasts Roblox Q3 financial report posted a net loss of $297.8 million compared to $74 million for the same period in 2021. Sales also fell short of expectations.. The company managed to earn $517.7 million, which is 33% less than the $692 million expected by analysts. See also: What is the metaverse and how NFT became part of it with 52.2 million daily active users and more than 11.3 billion interaction hours in the previous period. Despite the losses, the company plans to hire new employees “before the end of this year and probably during 2023.” Read the latest cryptocurrency news on the BeInCrypto portal and join the discussion in our Telegram channel The reader is solely responsible for any actions taken by him on the basis of information received on our website.