In Ulyanovsk, an underground mining farm was discovered near the police department

A mining farm whose owners were stealing electricity was discovered in a garage in Ulyanovsk. Interestingly, the farm was located next to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Zasviyazhsky district.

From the garage with installed mining equipment to the police department is only 150 meters. The hum from the working equipment spread throughout the district. The FSB officers and the security service of MUP UlGES worked on the spot – it was they who established the fact of the theft of electricity.

Investigators are now trying to determine if profits from cryptocurrency mining were used to finance terrorism.. It is not yet known whether the owners of ASIC miners have been identified, but, according to the acting. Renat Valiullov, head of the security service of MUP UlGES, was not found when the garage was opened.

In early February, law enforcement agencies of the Irkutsk region discovered two mining farms at once in a local mental hospital. The equipment was installed above the wards with patients, which could lead to a fire.