Jack Dorsey and his partners invested $2 million in renewable energy mining

The former Twitter CEO's Block has entered a funding round for African data center operator Gridless.

Led by Jack Dorsey, the company partnered with VC investor Stillmark to make a $2 million initial investment in mining platform operator Gridless.. This project is characterized by the complete absence of a carbon footprint due to the use of renewable energy sources from rural areas of Africa, assure its creators.

Gridless acts as an anchor tenant, funding the construction of data centers and operating mining companies in rural areas where traditional industrial or commercial customers are not available and excess energy is not in demand.

Gridless has signed a contract with African hydropower company HydroBox for five connection points in Kenya, three of which are now in operation.. In the near future, Gridless plans to expand its presence to other parts of East Africa.

Earlier, Jack Dorsey spoke about the forthcoming launch of Bluesky Social, a decentralized social network that will give users full control over their data.