Huawei Cloud Joins Cardano Ecosystem To Scale Web3 Solution in Asia, Africa

Huawei Cloud, one of the largest cloud computing firms globally, has joined the Cardano ecosystem to expand the reach of the Cardano network. The partnership, announced by Cardano’s blockchain partner EMURGO, aims to promote Web3 solutions through Cardano in Asia and Africa. As part of the collaboration, EMURGO will establish a Cardano Validator Node on Huawei Cloud’s platform, integrating Huawei’s cloud infrastructure into Cardano’s public blockchain ecosystem. This alliance will provide Cardano developers with access to Huawei Cloud’s computing resources and Marketplace, enhancing interoperability and scalability for Cardano’s cloud services. The partnership represents a step towards a broader collaboration between EMURGO and Huawei to extend the Cardano ecosystem to key economies in Asia Pacific and Africa. Both EMURGO and Huawei Cloud expressed excitement about the partnership and their shared vision to accelerate Web3 adoption and enhance transparency and trust in the cloud ecosystem. EMURGO, as a founding member of the Cardano protocol, plays a crucial role in developing and supporting commercial opportunities within the Cardano ecosystem.