Ripple CEO has high hopes for Hinman documents

  • The papers are expected to be released on June 13
  • According to Ripple’s CEO, they were definitely worth the struggle to get them published, which took the company 18 months

William Hinman, former SEC official, is expected to be released today, June 13. They play an important role in the Commission’s case against Ripple, and the company’s CEO has high hopes for the papers.

What’s the deal here?”

In 2018, William Hinman, then head of corporate finance at the SEC, made a public statement about the regulatory definition of crypto-assets. In particular, he noted that ETH and BTC are commodities. 

In October of last year, Ripple requested his papers. Court ordered SEC to turn over documents, but they came under a seal of non-disclosure. Ripple soon filed a disclosure petition, which was approved in May. 

When will Hinman’s records be made public?

It is expected to be today, June 13. As you may recall, shortly after receiving the papers, Ripple reported “appalling hypocrisy on the part of the SEC” that the records allegedly confirmed.</nbsp;

By last night, June 12, blogger “Jungle Inc” reached out to Brad Garlinghouse asking for details about the designated papers.</nbsp;

The Ripple CEO replied that he could not disclose this information. But the papers are allegedly worth the struggle to make them public for 18 months. 

An interesting fact, the SEC has “quietly” removed William Hinman’s full biography from its website. The regulator left only a minor mention of the former employee.