Sam Bankman-Fried bail triggers Alameda wallet activity

Cryptocurrency analysts noticed that after the release of the co-founder of the FTX exchange from an American prison on bail of $ 250 million, the withdrawal of funds from the wallets of the affiliated company Alameda Research began. Members of the cryptocurrency community discovered that Alameda wallets began withdrawing funds in ETH. The funds were then exchanged for USDT, passed through mixers and exchangers to hide the source of the funds. For example, more than 600 ethers from Alameda wallets were transferred to some unrecognizable address, some of these funds were exchanged for Tether stablecoins, and the rest was sent to the ChangeNow exchange to buy bitcoins. According to a cryptocurrency analyst under the pseudonym ZachXBT, in addition to ChangeNow, the FixedFloat platform was used. These sites are often used by hackers and scammers to hide the sources of funds. Community representatives disagree on who is the author of suspicious transactions. Some felt that the handwriting was too similar to the standard actions of hackers.. Others have pointed out that, given Sam Bankman-Fried's identity, it's entirely possible he did the translations himself. Recall that Bankman-Fried was released on $250 million bail.. To secure the collateral, the FTX co-founder provided not crypto assets, but his parents' house.