Solana-Based Decentralized Rendering Altcoin Offers Tepid Response to Coinbase Listing News

Solana-based decentralized rendering altcoin Render (RENDER) has received a lukewarm response to the news of its listing on Coinbase. Despite the announcement from Coinbase, the digital asset is currently trading sideways at $4.91, experiencing a 2.1% decrease in the last 24 hours.

Render was previously an Ethereum-based token but made the switch to Solana in late 2023. This move, according to the project’s founder Jules Urbach, has significantly enhanced the utility of the project by enabling real-time streaming and dynamic NFTs.

Coinbase has stated that it will support both the Solana and Ethereum versions of Render, highlighting that the tokens have slightly different names across blockchains. On the Coinbase trading platform, Render on Ethereum will retain the ticker RNDR, while Render on Solana will be identified as RENDER and named Render (Solana).