South Korean Prosecutors, Police Face Bribery Wrap in Crypto Fraud Trial

South Korean prosecutors and police officers are facing potential charges of bribery in a high-profile crypto fraud trial. The trial of one prosecutor has already begun, with several others potentially facing trial as well. The case revolves around a suspected crypto fraudster and his alleged accomplices. It is claimed that a legal broker attempted to pervert justice by bribing officials, including a former police officer. The accused prosecutor, referred to as “A,” allegedly provided legal advice and edited statements regarding the criminal case. The court heard testimonies of a witness stating that A requested revisions to their statement and organized them into an official-looking document. The witness also alleged that the broker asked for a large sum of money to bribe investigators and provided advance warning of a police raid. However, A denies receiving any money or goods from the broker. The broker is being tried separately on charges of obstructing a police investigation. The main suspect is accused of defrauding victims and stealing funds for a crypto trading firm.